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Stop the Houses

Marske is surrounded by fields owned by landlords seeking to make fast money at your expense. Here is how you can help Marske-by-the-Sea maintain it's 1000 year history and independence by taking on the developers that seek to destroy our village.

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Action 1

Never say die!

Marske has been defeating developments since 1980 through being organised and taking on landowners, pension funds, housing firms, developers, politicians who oppose us, and corruption.


A losing mentality and giving up lets developers in - we have won in the past and we can do it again!

We will keep going and defend every inch of nature and agriculture.

Picture 1: Marske residents defeating the West Midland Pension Fund's 1000 home development in 2013 and 2015.

Action 2

Get in as many objections as possible

Go to Redcar and Cleveland Planning Portal here


The code for the South of Marske "New Town" development is: R/2020/0025/RMM

Construct your arguments using non-emotional language following the guidance below.

Get as many local people to object as you can.


Action 3

Form a coherent objection

For R/2020/0025/RMM here are some reasons to reject the proposal:

A) Redcar and Cleveland is 450% over its housing target - no additonal houses are required.

B) The average cost of an affordable house will be at least £152,000 that's a £1,200+ mortgage at today's rates. The handful of affordable and social houses added to the plan do nothing to lower prices locally and are not affordable. Marske by it's nature is not an "affordable" place for property post 2020.

C) Loss of privacy - do you live near the site? The loss of privacy is a ground. The site is elevated.

D) Damage to Yorkshire heritage - unique costal properties of Yorkshire design in Marske, a fast-food restaurant is not in keeping with the village.

E) The property designs are "ugly" and will tower over ares of British conservation.

F) Unsustainable - the site will put pressure on schools and GP surgeries. Marske had two surgeries in 2011, now it has one. Bydales school is at full capacity.

G) Damaging the local economy - post covid Marske is a tourist hotspot. The development will put visitors off and close local businesses.

H) Restricts road access - the site can’t be linked to Marske. A railway line, a tight bridge and a level crossing separate the field from Marske. Lives will be endangered on Longbeck lane and Marske high street by restricting existing resident’s road access

I) Light pollution - the site is elevated. It is no place for a petrol station and a fast-food chain like McDonalds.

J) Damage to the ecosystem - the field has had recent sightings of birds of prey and deer.

K) Flood damage to Sherwood, Delemere and Cat Flatt. More tarmac means greater flooding. We have all had waterlogged gardens at some point in Marske.

L) Failed economic proposals - Marske doesn’t need a Travelodge style hotel, since covid there are plenty of places to stay. Also tourism over multiple nights and not one night stays are most common in Marske. Hotels are also planned in Redcar and Teesworks. Another is not needed.

M) Invalid submission documents - 810 houses won’t fit on the site - look at the key to the houses and then the architect’s diagrams

N) The site will not government contribute to carbon zero targets - there are no renewable energy mentions and a petrol station is planned

O) Worsening air quality - this is a commuter estate. Each house owner will have two cars on average. That’s 1620 more cars polluting the air and creating noise

P) Impacts safety - poor road access and separated by a railway line, somebody will die and it will be the developer’s fault and the council will have to pick up the bill

Q) The proposal is invalid - it is not to the correct scale, the area to be occupied by housing changes on every version of the proposal. Other land owned by the fund is not outlined in blue.

R) Impacted trees and buildings have not been clearly identified and appraised

S) Overdevelopment - the quantity of buildings is excessive in terms of demands on infrastructure, services, local amenity and will adversely effect local character and economy.

T) The site is outside the local development plan permitted boundaries.

U) The maths on the proposal are wrong., The wrong areas per unit have been used - the key on the plan shows sizes different to architectural diagrams.

V) The land is productive agricultural land - and Britain needs to be more self sufficent with war on the European continent inflating food prices.

Action 4

Be ready for public meetings

When the South of Marske proposal comes to the planning committee in March or April we'll be calling a public meeting.

Due to the new draconian laws against protest (they don't just effect students protesting against climate change) we will carefully plan the meeting.

Details will appear on Facebook and on this site.

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