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This is who I am and what I stand for in general:


I was originally a Liberal Democrat member while at University. In 2011 I was elected councillor for Marske-by-the-Sea as a Labour and Co-operative councillor. In 2011 I resigned as a univerity lecturer as I was against tuition fee hikes and could no longer work in an increasingly privatised higher eduction sector. In 2012 I voted against austerity measures at Redcar and Cleveland Council. It cost me my cabinet seat and later I was suspended by the Labour Party from standing in any election for life as I protested against the banning of candidates to compete against a London-based politico for the Redcar Labour Party parliamentry candidate.

From 2011 to 2015, I brought about a series of popular changes locally and managed to sink two developements that that threatened Marske-by-the-Sea's identity.

I stood down as an independent councillor in 2015 to focus on my family and career outside of politics.

In January 2023, I was invited by the Liberal Democrats to re-contest a council seat in Marske-by-the-Sea. 

Professionally, I am PhD Pharmacist with additional humanitarian, maths and law degrees. I am fluent in five languages and work in the biotechnology industry. I went to school in Guisborough, before moving to Marske in my late teens. I live in Marske with my wife and daughter.

I stand for (among others):

  • Reducing inequality

  • The renationalisation of the NHS

  • Reaching net zero as fast as possible through reinvestment of all fossil fuel and energy profits into renewable technology 

  • Consumer cooperatives exclusively operating energy and water supplies to bring prices down fast and premanently

  • Cooperatisation of the bus and rail systems so passengers own and control the companies who run the services

  • The immediate closure of all tax havens

  • 50% windfall tax of all fortunes over £100M

  • Recapturing democratic control from billionaires and international corporate giants 

  • Increasing school funding and reducing private company involvement in schools

  • 5 year minimum jail sentances for any person found avoiding more than £1M in tax.

  • 20% worker ownership of all private companies with more than ten employees.

  • A co-operative act which reduces tax for wholly owned consumer and worker cooperatives and mutuals

  • A maximum 35 hour working week

  • International cooperation to reduce the planetary birth rate (there are now too many people on the planet)

  • Fair pay for all public sector workers including NHS workers and the military

  • A reduction in Member of Parliament salaries to 2010 levels and for MP wages to be linked to public sector wage increases

  • The banning of all MP second jobs

  • Lengthly jail sentances for all elected officials found rewarding public funds to those who sponsor their campaigns

  • A ten year prohibition of MPs taking a role with a company they engaged with while serving as an MP

  • Limiting MP terms to 20 years max

  • Proportional representation

  • Abolition of the House of Lords

  • The citizen's basic income

  • A land tax rather than a council tax

  • Reforestation of large parts of the British countryside

  • A border force that is appropriately funded and an asylum system that is capable of processing claims

  • Reinstatement of the democratic right to protest and overturning the 2023 anti-union legislation

  • Protecting private, public and state pensions to reduce multiple home ownership as a means for pension income

  • Rejoining the European common market - not the EU - and closer cooperation with France and Portugal in particular

  • Holding European nations to account - particularly Germany - for their foreign trade policies and poor environmental records.

  • Extending visa stays in Europe to at least 6 months for British citizens

  • Abolishing tuition fees

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